Zayda Get More Breaking: Enema, Buttplugged, & Blinded

Zayda Get More Breaking: Enema, Buttplugged, & Blinded

Zayda needs more breaking to become a proper pony slave. This video starts out with Zayda getting ordered to put contact lenses in her eyes. Not just any contacts, but special blackout lenses that make her completely blind! Such a nice effect to aid her in her training!

Now that she can’t see she is completely at her owners’ mercy.

Her arms are bound behind her back and she’s hoisted into a strappado position. She cries. But this is just the beginning.

It’s time to teach her that all of her functions are now under her owners’ control. She’s given an enema to help prove this point. “It’s so urgent!” she cries.

To make sure she doesn’t expel the enema before it’s time, a nice, good sized butt plug is shoved up her ass. Her harness is then strapped back on to make sure the butt plug stays in place.

A bit more tormenting before she’s left alone. Blind & bound. Nothing she can do.



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