Breaking Zayda: Electrical Play And Orgasms


Zayda’s breaking continues…

Zayda’s still blind from the balckout contact lenses when gets hooked up to the tens units – right in her sensitive areas. Natalia plays with the controls. And very quickly she has them turned all the way up! Such reactions!

The cups are added to her gorgeous breasts. And they’re connected to a tens unit as well! ZAP! Oh, the expressions on pony’s face!

Yes! And how she screams and screams when the Hitachi is added to the play! And as cums so hard with so many sensations all happening at once!

And as if that wasn’t enough…the electric dildo gets added to the play. It’s shoved deep inside her, zapping her pussy so hard from the inside! Oh, how Zayda screams!

So how she takes it…



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